Join Us for an Adventure through the Arctic!

, Triumph Acrobatic Arts

This immersive experience features performers from Triumph Acrobatics as they guide you through a day and night in the Arctic.

In this third version of our winter show, audience members are treated to a full length show of circus, music, dance, and more! Not only is Polaris a performance, but it is an *EXPERIENCE*!

Come early or stay late, to enjoy the fun:

  • Our own student-made Christmas Craft Market, open to the public before and after shows! Featuring the amazing non-circus talents of our fantastic community.
  • Enjoy your intermission in the North Pole, with music, refreshments and fresh air, including adult refreshments, fresh cotton candy, a toasty warm campfire, and more seasonal treats!
  • Silent Auction: Support the newly formed non-profit: ‘Triumph Acrobatics Performing Arts Society’ as they build a brand new scholarship fund for low-income families throughout the Fraser Valley, who knows- maybe you’ll find your own treasure!
An Arctic by Triumph Acrobatic Arts