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For our teen/adult and preschool participants, full season commitment can be difficult, so we offer shorter 4-6 week sessional classes for a variety of activities and age groups! For information about pricing, please visit our pricing page.

Please note: We are now requiring a minimum of 3 students in order for a Sessional to run. We will not charge until the class is confirmed to run. We will give a warning approximately 1 week prior to the start of your class if it is in danger of being cancelled, and then notify you approximately 48 hours in advance of whether or not the sessional is running.

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Winter 2

February 6-March 12, 2023

Preschool (3-5)

Please note: Preschool classes are calculated as 60min due to lower coach to student ratios.

Teen/Adult (14+)

Family (5+)

Youth (8+)  Some classes may have stricter age requirements, please read description