There are 2 categories of pricing:

Annual Programs

  • Includes both recreational and intensive classes. These classes run from September to June with a year-end show.
  • Base pricing is set at $23/hour of instruction for the 2022/23 season.
  • Annual tuition is calculated for a minimum of 33 classes over the annual season
  • Total annual tuition is divided into 10 even monthly payments, regardless of number of classes in any particular month. This allows both the school and families to budget easily. Each month is billed for approximately 3.3 classes.
  • There is an annual registration fee of $25, charged upon registration. This fee covers the costs of administration, insurance, and any costuming required throughout the year for events or shows.
  • New to 2022/23: In order to offset tuition increases, we have reduced our registration fee. As of the 2022/23 season, tickets and t-shirt will no longer be included or mandatory. Don’t worry, though! We will still have an opportunity to collect your colours and order the annual t-shirt at cost if desired!
  • Multi-student, multi-class, and early registration discounts are available.

Click here to view 2022/23 Annual program tuition rates.

Sessional & Fitness Classes

  • Base pricing is set at $25 per hourly class, and includes any registration fees required.
  • Pre-school classes are priced as a full hour due to lowered student:instructor ratios.
  • Session tuition is calculated by number of classes in a session and due in full upon registration.
  • Sessional classes are not eligible for discounts.
  • Prices are listed on Sessional page in the far right column.


  • Late payments are subject to a $25 late-fee.
  • A $50 re-processing fee will be applied to any returned payments.

Birthday Parties & Privates.

Click here to view party and private tuition rates