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UPDATE!!- Theatre performance package for participants

Hey folks, Katie here!

It has finally arrived, all the performance day info you were missing from your original packages!

Attached to this email is a pdf with all the important times and pick/up drop off info you need!

We continue to welcome and/or beg for volunteers as we steam ahead and (literally) move a mountain, and will be transporting, building, unbuilding, and retransporting many truckloads worth of gear over the next 4 days. If you are interested in joining, feel free to jump in or ask how!

A few important times/changes:

1. Dress Rehearsal: Optional arrival time is now 4pm to watch nutcracker, or 5:30pm if you don’t want to. 

2. Dress Rehearsal: Pick up time for students under 9 years or who otherwise need an earlier end is 7:45pm. For all other performers it is 8:30pm

3. Between shows: the theatre closes between 4:30 and 6pm for mandatory breaks, so everybody has to get out and go have an early dinner!

4. Students may only leave the premises without a parent with written permission or email. Please let us know if your child is allowed to leave alone, we don’t want to hold them hostage! 😉

All right, enough said, the package is below and we’ll see you all on Friday!
Merde, everyone!

Can’t see the preview or link above? Try this: https://triumphacrobatics.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Polaris-Participant-Info-5.pdf

That’s right! Triumph is hitting the big stage at the Clarke this December, and everyone is invited! All active participants at Triumph are welcome to join our cast as we create an arctic circus adventure! Rehearsals are weekly through October and November, with production dates running December 9-11.

Our cast is set and our rehearsal schedule is announced! Click on the package below to download the pdf participant package!

Looking to get involved behind the scenes? We are accepting volunteer parents and teens to work as stage hands, costume assistants, and roustabouts! To find out how you can be involved, email info@triumphacrobatics.com to find out!