Core Circus Training for ages 7*+

The Triumph Acrobatics Intensive program stream is an application-only rounded training program for self-driven students who wish to develop a strong foundation in the basic circus arts. Students within this program receive individual training programs, related health and theory education, as well as opportunities to pursue a career tangental to the circus arts. Programs available provide between 6 and 20 hours of training over 2-5 days, consisting of training in the basic disciplines of contemporary circus.

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Students in the intensive program are expected to take ownership of their own development and be role models for their school. They may be offered opportunities to perform at various regional events and are permitted to register for the intensive-only optional add-ons, including independent act development, competitive options, and other customized programming. For more information, Download the Information package! 

*please note: Students under the age of 9 will undergo additional screening to ensure they are able to participate in the program.

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