Triumph Juggling Supplies

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, Triumph Acrobatic ArtsPoi (set of 2): $12.00

These poi are made with a cotton fabric treated with a slightly stain resistant coating. They are filled with rice and you can tie a knot at the desired length to create a handle. Poi come in two colours, purple and turquoise.


, Triumph Acrobatic ArtsJuggling Balls (set of 3): $7.50

Brightly coloured bean bag balls are the perfect way to jump into juggling. They’re soft and don’t roll too far when dropped.


, Triumph Acrobatic Arts

Juggling Scarves (set of 3): $7.50

Scarf juggling is a fun way to learn juggling patterns with a little bit more time to think while they float in the air. These pretty scarves come in three different colours so you can keep track of the patterns a little more easily too.