, Triumph Acrobatic Arts

Are you interested in a career or job as an instructor? For the first year, Triumph Acrobatics is launching a comprehensive program for beginner coaches! Available for ages 14+, this course runs all year, providing both theoretical and practical instruction, including practicum time with real students! This course runs as part of our Annual programming. Fee and schedule information is available in our Annual section. Please note: this course has additional fees.

Course Materials:

Term 1:

  • Ethics and Pedagogy
  • Anatomy & Muscle Function
  • Exercise Science and Fitness Theory challenge preparation
  • Safety Practices

Term 2:

  • Foundations of acrobatic movement
  • Progressions and Spotting
  • Practical Training for beginner acrobatic and ground disciplines
  • Juggling
  • First Aid (opt.)

Term 3:

  • Aerial rigging and safety
  • Foundations of aerial practice
  • Progressions and Spotting
  • Practical Training for beginner single point aerials
  • Tightwire, theatre games, and tangental training
  • Opportunity to challenge CPFA aerial hoop instructor certification