Sunday, May 16: 12:10 pm

Location: Clarion Hotel and Conference Centre

36035 N Parallel rd. Abbotsford, BCV3G-2C6

Gym Call Time: 10:15am

  • We will meet at gym for costumes issuing, hair and makeup.
    • JUNIOR: please arrive in your underleotard if you are using your own. If possible please have hair prebraided.
    • FULL COMPETITIVE: Please arrive with appropriate costume undergarments. If possible, please have hair prebraided.
    • ALL: Bring your makeup, mask (if applicable), or anything else required.
  • If possible, this will provide us with a chance to do a full out walk through.
  • We will leave the gym atย 11:20amย to go the the venue. Parents will be responsible for driving students. We recommend that if you are not able to help with hair and makeup, you drop off the kids, go get a coffee, and come back for 11:15am.

Theatre Call Time: 11:40am

  • Parents will not be allowed in the theatre.
  • We should be finished by 12:40pm.

Theatre rules: students must arrive fully costumed, masked and ready to go. We will hold off the overcostumes for the little guys until the last minute, but older kids will get changed before leaving the gym. Please wear your Triumph tracksuit over the costume if possible. We will not be enforcing tracksuit purchase this year, as the competitions are being managed in a way that doesnโ€™t involve a sea of 500 children.ย