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Welcome to the Annual Program at Triumph Acrobatic Arts Ltd.!

The Annual program at Triumph is our flagship program geared toward school-aged students. (Don’t worry, adults are welcome too!) Running concurrently with the Mission public school calendar, classes begin the week after school begins and run through until the end of June, with breaks in line with school calendar. 

Classes range from 45 minutes to 3 hours, with options for individual disciplines or all-around training. Most classes participate in a year end production held at the Clark Foundation Theatre in early June.

, Triumph Acrobatic Arts

The Annual Program operates on an ‘averaged’ tuition system, based on a 33 class year. This means that regardless of the number of classes in any given month, the price remains the same, making budgeting easier for families and the school! Tuition is divided into 10 even monthly payments, from September to June, the equivalent of paying for 3.3 weeks each month, and is pre-payed for the following month. Full details of our tuition policy is located in the agreement section at the end of this package.

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, Triumph Acrobatic Arts

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