Prices are for Recreational classes and Intensive programs. Hours listed are per week. (eg: a student enrolled in classes totaling 2 hours per week would have a monthly tuition of $136.62+tax)

*All prices exclusive of GST (5%), a registration fee of $25 is applied to all students upon registration.

1 hour: $75.90/mth

90 minutes: $113.85/mth

10% discount

2 hours: $136.62/mth

2.5 hours: $170.78/mth

15% discount

3 hours: $193.55/mth

3.5 hours: $225.8/mth

20% discount

4 hours: $242.88/mth

4.5 hours: $273.24/mth

25% discount

5 hours: $284.63/mth

5.5 hours: $313.09/mth

30% discount

6 hours: $318.78/mth

6.5 hours: $345.35/mth

33% discount

7 hours: $355.97/mth

7.5 hours: $381.4/mth

37% discount

8 hours: $382.54/mth

40% discount

8.5 hours: $387.09/mth


9-11.5 hours: $400/mth

UNLIMITED hours: $450/mth

Additional Discounts available for 2022/23 September-to-June Programs:

Early Registration:

Register and pay in full for a full year before July 1, 2022 and receive an additional 10% discount ON TOP of additional discounts!

Family Discount:

*discount applied to student with the lesser number of hours

2nd member of family: 5%

3rd and subsequent members of family: 10%

Do you have a student who would benefit from the Circus Arts, but have a hard time covering tuition? Let us know! At Triumph we believe that no student show lose the opportunity to benefit from our programs due to financial hardship. We accept labour exchanges, and scholarships and bursaries may be available.

To inquire email us at