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COVID-19 Policy Update: September 2021

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As the pandemic and provincial policies evolve, we are too! Below is a description of our current policies, and a letter from the president about how Triumph is navigating the pandemic.

Here is the brief overview of how Triumph will proceed with the Vaccine Passports:

  • Students under 20 years old and registered in our preschool, or full year recreationand intensive programs do not require proof of vaccination to participate in our classes.
  • Students 20 years and older do require proof of vaccination to participate in our classes.
  • Families/Visitors age 12+ not participating in a class do require proof of vaccination to enter our gym.  
    • We can accommodate all families by meeting them at the front door, for those not yet vaccinated or without proof of vaccination.
    • Our facilities have always been drop-off only and will continue to be.
  • Students 12+ do require proof of vaccination to participate in our upcoming theatre productions and events.
    • Halloween Haunted House, Polaris, etc.
    • Students under 12 years old can participate in our theatre productions.
, Triumph Acrobatic Arts

This public health order is in place until January 31, 2022, and may be extended if required.

  • To our best understanding, there are no exemptions to the proof of vaccination required by this public health order.

And of course, for the visually inclined, here is a quick graphic including the pertinent sections: