Filming Week

Filming Week is upon us!! Please See the schedule below for your classes’ times. Some classes have experienced small time changes, so please double check the list and mark your calendars!


  • Do I need to do makeup or hair things?
    • All participants must arrive with the following:
      • Long hair securely and cleanly tied back
      • A basic foundation covering the upper face, and if possible, black eyeliner. If you wish to use eyeshadow, mascara, or eyebrow pencil, it is welcome, sticking within natural colours.
    • If a group has specific hair or makeup requirements, you will receive an email prior to the date.
  • Is there a costume or something?
    • Yes! We keep all costumes at the gym. Please send children in regular dress code, but include a zip-up or wrap top to wear over the costume.
  • Is there anything else I should send?
    • If your student’s film time is longer than 2 hours, we recommend packing a snack and spare mask. For younger students, we also recommend bringing a quiet activity or colouring book.

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