Prices are for Recreational classes and Intensive programs. Hours listed are per week. (eg: a student enrolled in classes totaling 2 hours per week would have a monthly tuition of $132+tax)

*All prices exclusive of GST (5%), a registration fee of $40 is applied to all students upon registration.

1 hour: $66/mth

90 minutes: $99/mth

2 hours: $132/mth

2.5 hours: $165/mth

10% discount

3 hours: $178.20/mth

3.5 hours: $207.90/mth

4 hours: $237.60/mth

4.5 hours: $267.30/mth

15% discount

5 hours: $280.50/mth

5.5 hours: $308.55/mth

6 hours: $336.60/mth


6.5-9 hours: $350/mth

9.5-11.5 hours: $375/mth

UNLIMITED hours: $400/mth

Additional Discounts available for 2020/21 September-to-June Programs:

Family Discount:

*discount applied to student with the lesser number of hours

2nd member of family: 5%

3rd and subsequent members of family: 10%

Do you have a student who would benefit from the Circus Arts, but have a hard time covering tuition? Scholarships and Bursaries may be available, to inquire email us at