2021/22 Pricing

There are 3 categories of pricing:

Year-Long Programs

  • Includes both recreational and intensive year-long classes
  • Base pricing is set at $20/hour of instruction.
  • Annual tuition is calculated for a minimum of 33 classes over the 2021/22 season
  • Total annual tuition is divided into 10 even monthly payments, regardless of number of classes in any particular month
  • There is an annual registration fee of $40 charged upon registration. These fees covers the costs of administration, insurance, 2 tickets and costume rental for the year-end show, and a Triumph T-Shirt!
  • Multi-student, multi-class, and early registration discounts are available.

Click here to view 2021/22 schoolyear program tuition rates

Sessional Classes

  • Base pricing is set at $22.50 per hourly class.
  • Session tuition is calculated by number of classes in a session and due in full upon registration.
  • There are no additional fees for sessional classes.
  • Sessional classes are not eligible for discounts.
  • Prices are listed on Sessional page in the far right column.


  • Late payments are subject to a $25 late-fee.
  • A $50 re-processing fee will be applied to any returned payments.

Birthday Parties & Privates.

Click here to view party and private tuition rates