, Triumph Acrobatic Arts

It's Time to Plan for December!

Game Change! Due to rising numbers, we will be making our winter event into a movie!

We will be filming small groups for the movie on Sundays from November 29-December 13. Parents and students alike can sign up to be involved in the process- whether it be writing a story to link it together, help crafting, filming, performing, editing, there is something for everyone!

Sign up Below, both kids and adults!

Performers must provide their own facemasks and hand sanitizer, but costumes will be provided.

We understand that with the pandemic, risk levels can change. We will be monitoring infection numbers, and will cancel or alter the event if necessary. If you or your child find yourselves uncomfortable continuing in the event, there will be no penalty for cancelling participation.

For those crafters and decorators out there: Keep your eyes open for upcoming craft dates! If you have any questions, please contact us at info@triumphacrobatics.com.