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Behind the Scenes: Covid Edition

Hello wonderful circus families! 

We at Triumph thought we would share some of the new precautions and routines we are implementing at the gym to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.


Silks & Aerial Hammock:

We have purchased 2500ft of new silks! You’ll see all kinds of new colours at the gym these days. These new silks will allow us to put a rotation system into place. Silks will be used for 1 class, shared between 2 masked people. After the hour, they will be quarantined for 3 days before re-use. All silks have a set rotation, and have a maximum exposure of 4 masked people during the week.


, Triumph Acrobatic Arts

Mats & Floors:

We have invested heavily in cleaner, and all vinyl surfaces at the gym are sanitized between classes. Personal mats or mats used without a mask are wiped down after each use. Any mats that can not be wiped down are used only by masked students.


Shared Equipment and Props:

We have redesigned many programs to reduce or eliminate equipment sharing. Where possible, such as juggling, props are sanitized after each use, or where impossible, designated to specific students. For larger equipment, masks are required of students and equipment will be sanitized per use or per class, depending what is deemed appropriate.


Washrooms & High Touch Surfaces:

All high-touch surfaces are wiped down every hour between class groups. All sanitize-able surfaces are deep-cleaned daily.


Reduced Class Sizes and Cancellations:

In some disciplines and groups, class sizes have been reduced to accommodate better social distancing. Due to the additional needs of students under 5, we are unable to provide preschool classes for the 2020/21 season We look forward to seeing you in the future!


These are part of a continuously evolving operational plan. If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to hear from you to discuss the plan in greater detail. You can reach us by emailing info@triumphacrobatics.com.