Triumph's Competition Season!

, Triumph Acrobatic Arts

Our 2019/2020 competition season is nearly upon us! Here is everything you’ll need to know:

  • Competitions give date ranges, and we receive specific schedules and times 1-3 weeks before the actual event
  • Generally speaking, each competition will take about 2 hours of time out of the day. Sometimes they land during school time, but rarely will a student miss an entire day of school.

Our 2019/2020 dates are below – specific times for our groups/solos are not yet confirmed, these will be emailed out when they are:

Competition Dates:

  • TheOne Dance
    • Location: Mission (Clark Theatre)
    • Date: April 3-5
  • The Vibe Dance
    • Location: Kelowna
    • Date: April 23-26
  • Champions Dance
    • Location: Mission (Clark theatre)
    • Date: May 7-10
  • Coredance
    • Location: Chilliwack
    • Date: May 28-30


A reminder that the group competitive rehearsals take place during their competitive class which is Wednesdays from 6-7pm. There is a make up and presentation over spring break, please take note of this date!

Date: Saturday, March 28

Kids’ Competitive and Independent Act Development Make-Up

Saturday, March 28


Pre-Season Presentation:

Time: 6:00pm

Bring your family and friends! This is a casual chance to practice performing in front of a supportive crowd before we begin competition and performance season.


We’re so excited to watch everyone perform, it’s going to be a great competition season!


For those curious about registering for competition for the 2020/2021 season, here are some things you’ll want to know!

  • The competitive option operates as an additional class for intensive kids to take that occurs on Wednesdays
  • The goal of the program is for the kids to learn to build and refine an act, as well as learn to take and apply constructive criticism.
  • We compete at dance competitions under the acrobatic category
  • There is no level requirement- if they are in pre-intensive or intensive programs, they are welcome to join.
  • Students MUST be able to attend all competitions – competition dates to be determined for 2020/21
  • Extra fees beyond base tuition include required tracksuit purchase (this one  won’t ever change, so it is a one time purchase, except for sizing upgrades in the future), and competition fees (approximately $250 for the year).
  • There will be a small costume deposit (~$25), as students will sign out Triumph costumes for the competition Season. Deposit will be returned when the costume is returned after the final competition.