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, Triumph Acrobatic Arts


Looking for something different for your family Christmas photo this year? Triumph has you covered! This year on Sunday, November 17, we are offering an exclusive Christmas-themed photoshoot for Triumph participants and families.

This one-time photoshoot with professional photographer Marianne Rico is a great way to get some fun exciting photos to share with your family and friends!

What is included:

  • 1 half-hour time slot of photography in a seasonally decorated circus space (no minimum or maximum participants)
  • 4 finished digital photos
  • Access to our toys and circus equipment (exclusive of trampolines)
  • Access to our full costume wardrobe (feel free to come ahead of time and pick out outfits!)

Cost is $80+tax per timeslot/4 pictures. To sign up, pick a time slot below to register!