Our Signature Programs

We offer a variety of fitness-focused recreational and intensive programs that are age-specifically developed. Classes run from 45 minutes to 3 hours in duration, and are available in both year-long and short term session options.
acrobatic, Triumph Acrobatic Arts

Annual Program

The Annual program at Triumph is our flagship program geared toward school-aged students. (Don’t worry, adults are welcome too!)

acrobatic, Triumph Acrobatic Arts

Sessional Classes

For our teen/adult and preschool participants, full season commitment can be difficult, so we offer shorter 4-6 week sessional classes for a variety of activities and age groups!

acrobatic, Triumph Acrobatic Arts

Recreational & Intensive Classes

The Triumph Acrobatics Intensive program stream is a program for self-driven students who wish to develop a strong foundation in the basic circus arts.

Why Choose Triumph?

We focus on helping students grow and explore using a variety of disciplines including aerials, tumbling and trampoline. Our goal is to foster confidence, independence, and community spirit.

Safety First:

We offer a safe space for children and adults to learn about movement through the circus arts with professionally trained coaches.


All ages and skill levels in a variety of disciplines are welcome!


While we work hard together, we never lose sight of making sure to have lots of fun too!

Community Oriented:

All our students have opportunities to perform for friends and family, with students in our CORE program showcasing their skills at community events.

About Us

Triumph Acrobatics is an inclusive, community oriented organization. We offer athletic and artistic training for athletes of all ages and skill levels in a variety of disciplines, providing both recreational and intensive opportunities for youth and adults.

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